Visit The Dali Universe and enter the mind of a genius!

The Dali Universe presents an amazing collection of over five hundred artworks by the master of surrealism, Salvador Dali. Located within County Hall side by side with one of the UK’s best-known landmarks, the British Airways London Eye, the exhibition is sign-posted by Dali’s most famous pieces in monumental sculpture which impose over the Thames along London’s infamous Southbank.
The collection is an astounding display of many of the greatest artworks from both Dali and the Surrealist movement. From the Lobster Telephone and melted clocks to the Mae West Lips Sofa and Space Elephant, the permanent exhibition houses the largest collection of Dali sculpture in the world as well as rare graphics, jewellery, furniture and watercolours.


The gallery also houses a striking collection of over 100 works from the 20th century’s landmark artist, Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973). It encompasses important works spanning 3 decades of Picasso’s career, including ceramics, breathtaking tapestries, lithographs and etchings. These are accompanied by photographs taken by the world-renowned photographer Andre Villars. The exhibition highlights the explosive passion and drama that permeates all of Picasso’s masterpieces.


Azam currently resides in one of the gallery’s temporary exhibition spaces. This major exhibition will present over 100 paintings and sculpture and will give a perspective of the artist’s work covering three decades. The exhibition will rotate quarterly to display new works. Over the past year Azam has produced a dazzling body of work developing his twin concerns with abstract and figurative imagery.

At London’s most surreal art experience you will find yourself inside the wild and twisted world of Dali and experience his eccentric personality and unparalleled creative genius firsthand.